In summer 2018 I had the privilege to work as an AR/VR research intern at NVIDIA. I worked in a team with 2 other interns as the main C++ programmer. Together, we designed and built a new AR application prototype every week of the summer. Since we didn’t have real AR glasses to work with, we used the G3D game engine to simulate the real world using VR and built our prototypes in a separate AR layer that exists above the VR. In addition to designing and building the foundations of every prototype and integrating Leap Motion into the engine, I also built a new API towards the end of the summer that dramatically sped up development time.

Below are some video demos of the prototypes we made this summer.

StickyNotes – an AR note-taking system

PreviewAR – preview items when online shopping

WalkingNavigator – Pedestrian AR Navigation system with minimal visual clutter

ControlAnything – programmable AR control interface for IoT and SmartHome devices

Application Manager – arm based app launcher/manager for AR